What are the main ingredients in your skin products?
We use raw organic Shea butter, Cocoa butter, and Mango butter along with a variety of moisturizing oils such as Grapeseed, Avocado, Jojoba, and Aloe Vera.
When can I expect my order to be shipped?
Please allow 3 business days for us to ship out your order. Please be aware due to shipping delays it may take longer for you to receive your package.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do.
What is a wickless candle?
A wickless candle does not have a wick in the center for you to light. Therefore, a wickless candle can only be used with a candle warmer. Wickless candles are perfect for those who do not like the smell of a burning wick.
What is a Lotion candle?
It is a candle that can be used as lotion for your skin. You light it as you would with a regular candle and when it starts melting you put out the wick and start rubbing the liquid on your skin. It is very moisturizing and provides a relaxing experience.
Do you provide custom orders?
Yes, we make custom orders. If you’re looking for a specific candle fragrance or if you would like to order a gift basket, we will help anyway we can.  You can either use the contact us form or email us at info@lovelynaturalshomeandbody.com
What happens to the flowers and decorations when you light the candle?
The decorations and flowers melt with the candle. You do not have to remove them before lighting the candle if you do not want to. They are there to not only make the candle look nice, but they also enhance the fragrance to fill the room.